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About SijFa Cruises

SijFa Cruises charters its ships to international travel agencies. In total we have over 115 employees, 14 of whom work in the office and over a hundred aboard the three ships. Despite the growth of the company, the personal and customer-friendly involvement of each employee remains the trademark of SijFa Cruises.
Our guests can count on an unforgettable ambiance and optimal care on board of the SijFa ships. SijFa Cruises does not sell a standard product, but looks through the passenger’s eyes and offers everything the customer asks for. Personal attention for both the guests and our employees is very importance to us. Because of the warmth within the family business, our guests feel right at home when they step aboard our ships.

The company SijFa Cruises was founded by Teun and Marijke Sijbrands in 2003. They got to know each other aboard a passenger ship and have not separated from each other since then. The couple runs now a successful shipping company with three luxury passenger ships. 

The Sijbrands family


Teun Sijbrands


From childhood onwards, Teun Sijbrands is already involved in shipping: Once started out as a sailor and developed himself into the hardworking entrepreneur he is today.


Marijke Sijbrands-Faassen


Due to her enthusiasm and hospitality, Marijke Sijbrands-Faassen ensures that guests experience the ultimate holiday feeling during the cruise and leave the ship with a smile.


Carmen Sijbrands

Online Marketing

Grown up with shipping stories, the only daughter Carmen Sijbrands is working at the office as an online marketer and she ensures that guests stay informed as well online as offline.