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The Romantic Rhine

With its many castles, old towns and vineyards, the Rhine reflects the long history while running through Germany. The impressive and varied landscape has been created over the years by the power of the water. The vineyards on the steep slopes give an extra dimension to the picturesque area.

The most beautiful and romantic place of interest along the Rhine is the Lorelei. A 132 meter high rock with a statue of the age-old legend “Virgin of the Lorelei” at the bottom. She would seduce the sailors with her bewitch but pure singing, so that the ships perished. In reality, the ships perish because the river was 25 meters deep and 113 meters narrow. With a strong dangerous current through it. Nevertheless, the Lorelei is one of the most famous highlights of the Rhine.

Another highlight is the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz. At this point the Moselle and the Rhine meet and continue together as a big Rhine. The Deutsches Eck monument in itself is already an impressive sight due to its measurement. The monument is 40 meters high.

In addition, there are many old villages and towns along the river such as Andernach, Boppard, Koningswinter, Linz, Rudesheim, Speyer and many more. Small cozy shops determine the street scene in the often narrow streets and alleys. A sight for sore eyes!

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