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Moselle, Saar and Main

Via the tributaries of the Rhine you have the opportunity to discover cities and villages where history and everyday modernity meet. The picturesque Moselle, the beautiful Saar and the charming Main each have their own story. Cities such as Strasbourg, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt or Remich appeal to the imagination along these rivers.

The Moselle is one of the largest tributaries of the Rhine. It flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany. The Moselle is regulated by weirs and interrupted by fourteen locks. The largest tributary of the Moselle is the Saar. The Saar flows through France and Germany. The river has a total length of 246 km and flows, among other things, through the German state of Saarland, to which the river owes its name.

The river Main flows from east to west Germany. The river originates at the town of Kulmbach and flows into the Rhine after 524 km. With this length, it is the second longest river that flows entirely within Germany. In addition to the well-known Frankfurt, also known as Frankfurt am Main, the Main also flows past smaller German cities where you can enjoy the wonderfully relaxing view.

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