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Discover the most beautiful rivers in Europe

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Direct Booking

In the months of April to November we offer various river cruises. We entrust the booking of these cruises to our international travel agencies.

Celebrations and parties

A romantic wedding party, an unforgettable birthday or a theme party on one of our ships? All your party wishes are to realize at SijFa Cruises.

Corporate Events

Our ships are perfectly usable for business events, such as anniversaries, staff meetings or special trips with your business relationships.

Welcome aboard!

SijFa Cruises is a river cruise company and an all-round partner for charters and tour operators around the world. With our ships we make relaxing and luxurious river cruises through Europe. Together with the international and friendly crew, you will sail along rivers like the Rhine, Mosel, Danube towards the Black Sea. Our core business is to take care of our guests during river cruises. In addition, the ships of SijFa Cruises are suitable for business and private events.
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Enjoy a daydream experience with us


Because of the fine atmosphere and the feeling that everything is thought of. As soon as you come to one of our ships, you immediately know that comfort is importance to us.


The luxury is visible as soon as you step aboard. From welcome cocktail to your luxurious cabin, this makes your on board presence just as enjoyable.


Service in all its facets belong to our service on the water. From carrying suitcases as soon as you come aboard to answer your questions.


By submitting an evaluation to the guests after each trip, we remain sharp and alert. We keep an eye on the quality of our ships.